The role of nano units in helping to learn more about tattoo ink and tattoo removal

What was I thinking? Science helps out.

“Nanoparticles from tattoos circulate inside the body, study finds”

Learn more about the movement of tattoo ink from skin to lymph nodes


Florida Official Goes Metric

Florida is the first state in the US to adopt the metric system.  This will bring the state into alignment with other international jurisdictions that use the SI.  Way to go Floridians!

“The metric system will become mandatory for field events at all Florida high school meets beginning in 2018. Proponents say this will simply bring the state in line with the rest of the track world. The Olympics and other international competitions at the junior and senior levels measure jumping and throwing events using the metric system. So do collegiate and professional meets in the United States.”

Read all about it in the NYT

Welcome to Moscrop Chemistry

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to another exciting year learning of learning. I am looking forward to being your teacher and helping you to become the best Chemistry Student ever!

Let’s get started!

Student access to online locker sign up begins at 2:00 pm on Tuesday September 5, 2017.  Grade 12 students have private lockers.  Grade 11 students will be sharing a locker.

Learn more about Canada’s metal (It is Canada’s 150 – the fun continues)***

Crystal Growing Competetion starts in October 2017 – Sign up and gather your supplies












The National Crystal Growing Competition Handbook – a must read for serious contenders!***

Great Links to explore:




Textbook Return Time!

Please remember to bring along to class your chemistry textbooks!

Textbooks will be collected during class time.  Thanks!

Learn more about the world’s oldest battery. It has lasted for over 150 years

The Claredon Battery is the world’s longest operating battery.

No one is sure how it works – but it keeps on ticking!

Spongy Metal energises lithium-oxygen batteries


Learn more about how an ultra light nickel cathode can boost performance and lifetime of a battery!

See more information about Nickel Batteries


Learn more about the challenges of designing better (longer lasting/greater stability) batteries

Capacity Fade in Batteries

Learn more about how lithium ion batteries lose their charge with old age