Term Two Ends on March 6, 2018 – Learn more about how to learn

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Happy Valentines budding Chemists – learn more about the chemicals that control your emotions!

Solubility Equilibrium – Getting to know the Solubility Chart

Get ready to learn more about some of the salts on the Solubility Chart!

Plastic Production is on the cusp of an explosion – learn more

Colossal funding in manufacturing plants by fossil fuel companies will increase plastic production by 40%, risking permanent pollution of the earth

Article 1: America Chemistry Council ACC – Plastic and Sustainability (2016)
Article 2: Guardian – &180 bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge




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Welcome Back Chemistry Students – Learn more about some of the most amazing discoveries in the world of Chemistry

2017 was a fantastic year for chemical discovers learn more:




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South Australia turns on Tesla’s 100MW battery: ‘History in the making’

New 100 MW Battery is powered up in South Australia 

Prepare to be amazed – the world’s best periodic table!

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