On the 2nd day of Carbon – my learning gave to me a different version of the future

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Carbon – Happy Discovering!
Coal for ChristmasLearning to die in the Anthropocene

Learning to die in the Anthropocene

“Our world is changing. Rising seas, spiking temperatures, and extreme weather imperil global infrastructure, crops, and water supplies. Conflict, famine, plagues, and riots menace from every quarter. From war-stricken Baghdad to the melting Arctic, human-caused climate change poses a danger not only to political and economic stability, but to civilization itself . . . and to what it means to be human. Our greatest enemy, it turns out, is ourselves. The warmer, wetter, more chaotic world we now live in—the Anthropocene—demands a radical new vision of human life”.

Is it possible to change the progress of global warming by keeping the atmospheric warming to less than 2.7 degrees?

According to the author Roy Scranton the first thing that citizens need to do to survive the anthropocene is to accept that unless we are able to change how we organize our social and political worldview the planet is doomed.


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