Unit 1: Math and Measurement

Successful students will be able to:

  • 1.  Use SI units and their accepted alternatives in chemistry
  • 2.  Correctly determine the unit of a derived quantity

Learn how to read a scale _  A ***** Critical Skill

Learn how to work with significant figures

Learn how to use scientific notation _ A ***** Critical Skill

Practice counting Significant Figures

Metrics and Measurement Worksheets: metric measurment assignment

Metrics and Measurement Worksheet:  KEY

Significant figures – scales and order of operations

Practice quiz on SI Units

Hand-In #2 – Working with Significant Figures

Lab 3A – Thickness of a Thin Sheet of Aluminum Foil

Lab 3C- Graphing as a Means of Seeking Relationships

Unit 2:  Math and Measurement Review Package

Unit 2:  Math and Measurement Key Page 1, Key Page 2, Key Page 3, Key Page 4


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