Unit 3: Naming – Learning Standards

The Successful student will be able to:

  • 1.  Define boiling point, freezing point, and melting point
  • 2.  Describe several ways that substances may be separated from one another
  • 3.  describe a substance as having a set of unique and identifiable properties
  • 4.  Classify a substance as solid, liquid, or gas and describe its different properties
  • 5.  Relate the heat changes that occur during phase changes to changes in molecular motions and arrangements
  • 6.  Differentiate between physical and chemical changes
  • 7.  Classify a given material as an element, compound, or mixture, using the properties of the material
  • 8.  Relate the observable properties and characteristics of elements, compounds, and mixtures to the concept of atoms and molecules
  • 9.  Define atom, molecule and ion
  • 10.  Write chemical symbols for elements and formulas for ions using appropriate charts
  • 11.  Name an ionic compound from its formula, and write the formula given the name
  • 12.  Name a covalent compound from its formula using the prefix naming system, and write the formula given the name
  • 13.  Write the names and formulas for some common acids

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