Unit 7: Atomic Theory

How do living things store chemical energy

Chapter 12:  Chemical bonding //cdn.thinglink.me/jse/embed.js“>


5.  Hydrogen Bonding in Water – with Van der Waal’s Forces

4.  Water Bonds

3.  Bonds in Biological Substances

2.  Learn about the energy in ***** Covalent Bonds

1c.  Make bonds using the periodic table

1b.  Single, Double and Triple bondsLearn how they work

Van Der Waal’s Forces – The basics

Electronegativity differences/tutorial – Quiz 3

Bonding Tutorial – Quiz 2

Bonding Vocabulary Quiz 1

1a.  Bonding Basics Start here 

1b. Bonding Advanced Part two

1.  Ionic and covalent bonding:  What’s the difference?

Chapter 11:  Periodic Table

Compound Interest:  Trends in the Periodic Table ****


David Whizzy’s Periodic Table


Learn more about the Bohr model

Lewis Diagram Tutorial

Learn more about Electron Configuration 

Atomic Theory – the basics

Atomic Structure timeline



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