Unit 7: Atomic Theory

How do living things store chemical energy

Chapter 12:  Chemical bonding //cdn.thinglink.me/jse/embed.js“>


5.  Hydrogen Bonding in Water – with Van der Waal’s Forces

4.  Water Bonds:

3.  Bonds in Biological Substances

2.  Learn about the energy in covalent bonds



1c.  Make bonds using the periodic table

1b.  Single, Double and Triple bondsLearn how they work

Van Der Waal’s Forces – The basics

Electronegativity differences/tutorial – Quiz 3

Bonding Tutorial – Quiz 2

Bonding Vocabulary Quiz 1

1a.  Bonding Basics Start here 

1b. Bonding Advanced Part two

1.  Ionic and covalent bonding:  What’s the difference?

Chapter 11:  Periodic Table

Compound Interest:  Trends in the Periodic Table ****


David Whizzy’s Periodic Table


Learn more about the Bohr model

Lewis Diagram Tutorial

Learn more about Electron Configuration 

Atomic Theory – the basics

Atomic Structure timeline



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