Unit 4: Acid Base Chemistry

Unit 4 – Acid and Base Equilibrium

Part 1: Definitions of Acids (Arenhius to Bronsted-Lowry)

Part 2: Ranking Acids (Strong means 100% ionized; weak means less than 100% ionized)

Lab 13B Acid Base Indicators:  From Lab Text SMG Page 191-192h

Learn more about common household acids

Acid Base Worksheet on Common acids and bases

Acid Base Review 1

Part 4 – Environmental Effects of Acid Deposition – use the following links to understand the effects of acid deposition.

Eastern Canada Air Quality in the News

Air Quality in BCMinistry of the Environment

Acid Rain in CanadaEnvironment Canada

EPA – (American Site) ****  Environmental Protection Agency

Acidosis: Learn more

Blood Buffers – animation 

Buffers Learn More


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