Lab Skills & Safety

Lab Reports:

Learn how to write a lab report conclusion 

Environmental Chemistry:

Learn more about how to recycle plastics .  This resource, established by the American Council of Chemistry is currently the most comprehensive online resource for the recovery of plastic bags and product wraps. This multi-purpose resource helps consumers, recycling coordinators and businesses find out where to bring back plastic bags for recycling, how to locate a hauler or an end market, or how to set up a plastic bag recycling program.

More information from the ACC about plastic/thin film recycling

Periodic Tables

Interactive Periodic Table

Successful students will be able to:
Safety Equipment:

  • 1. List the safety and protective equipment available in the laboratory
  • 2. Describe how and when to use each piece of equipment

Emergency Procedures:

  • 3. Indicate on a school map the location of the nearest fire alarm and appropriate fire exits
  • 4. List sources of first-aid assistance other than the classroom teacher

Hazards and Rules of Safe Conduct:

  • 5. Describe common laboratory hazards
  • 6. Describe the appropriate procedure or technique for dealing with particular hazards
  • 7. Produce a list of general rules of safe laboratory conduct
  • 8. Display a conscious safety attitude in the laboratory

Safe Lab practices:

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