Monitoring urea/urine concentration using ACE (artificial sweetener).



Learn more about the lost sample of hydrogen and the nerve toxin VX

Learn more about recent news events that centre around the world of chemistry.

Deadly nerve agent VX.

Sample of Hydrogen has disappeared from research lab.



National Periodic Table Day – What is your favourite table?


Learn More:  National periodic table day was started in 2016.

the-periodic-table-of-oxidation-states-2016-1024x724Welcome to National Periodic Table Day.  Do you have a favourite periodic table?  Learn more about the different ways to share data about our universe.


One of the Holy Grails of Metal has been created in the Lab!





Hydrogen is the simplest element on the periodic table. Hydrogen has a single proton and a single electron.

The Holy Grail of Metals 

How do we measure how much H+ ions are in a solution? The pH scale.

Learn more about how the pH scale keeps track of the amount of hydrogen ions:


The joy and excitement in Science is the joy about learning about the natural world

Enjoy the results that you get in science. Do not try to change your data. The joy of science is to learn more about how nature and matter behaves.

Just in time for Christmas the Mendeleev Periodic Table is Complete!

Dual Coding – how to use pictures and words to help you to study more effectively.

Dual coding is a study technique that combines attempting to recall and make sense of both pictures and words to learn the subject matter.  When reviewing with Dual Coding you look at the pictures and compare the visuals with what is in the textbook (Nelson Chemistry).  This technique works because you now have two ways of learning, knowing and recalling the information.